Bela is a worldwide community of makers, tinkerers, learners, experimenters and creators. Here’s a list of useful tools, ways to learn more about Bela, and ways to connect with others.

Table of contents

  1. The Bela code and hardware
  2. The Bela Blog
  3. The Bela Forum
  4. Learning on YouTube
  5. The Bela Newsletter
  6. Fritzing files
  7. The Bela pin diagram

The Bela code and hardware

Bela is an open-source project. This means all Bela code and hardware designs are available online for you to explore, experiment with, learn from, and extend.

The Bela Blog

The Bela Blog has a huge number of posts on things people from all over the world are making with Bela. As well as music tech projects such as instruments and installations, our blog highlights exciting applications of Bela in experimental instruments, interactive e-textiles, and sound installations.

We’re always looking to feature interesting projects to feature on our blog. If you want to show us what you’ve made, please get in touch and tell us about it!

The Bela Forum

The Bela Forum is the best place to go to see what the community is up to. Full of questions and answers, the Forum is a place to see what others doing and benefit from the knowledge of the community.

Learning on YouTube

In April 2020 we launched our first course on YouTube, C++ Real-Time Audio Programming with Bela. We have plans for releasing more YouTube courses, so subscribe to the Bela YouTube channel and enable notifications so you’ll get an alert when we upload new content.

The Bela Newsletter

The Bela Newsletter is the first place we announce our new products, news, sales and events. We offer the deepest discount to our Newsletter subscribers. This is a low-volume list, with around 5-6 emails per year.

Click here to subscribe.

Fritzing files

Fritzing is popular open-source software for creating circuit diagrams. We make all the circuit diagrams for the Bela tutorials using Fritzing, and we love it.

If you’d like to make your own diagrams for your Bela projects, we have Fritzing parts available for both Bela and Bela Mini available on our Github page. You can either download the repo as a ZIP file, or clone the repo locally.

Instructions for importing the parts to Fritzing are included in the repo’s README file.

The Bela pin diagram

The pin diagram is an interactive tool that makes plugging things in a breeze. It’s integrated into the Bela IDE in the Pin Diagram tab, but we also have an external version for reference outside the ide at