Bela Products

Details of all Bela products, accessories and add-ons

Along with Bela and Bela Mini, we have created a wide range of products for interactive creators. This section has in-depth information on all Bela products.

In this section:

  1. Bela Boards

    1. Bela
    2. Bela Mini
  2. Trill

    1. About Trill
    2. Get started with Trill
    3. All about I2C
    4. Using multiple sensors
    5. Programming Trill with Bela
    6. Trill and Arduino
    7. Integrating Trill into your projects
    8. Working with Trill Flex
    9. Distributors
  3. CTAG

    1. About CTAG
  4. Modular

    1. SALT
    2. PEPPER
  5. Accessories

    1. Multiplexer
    2. Audio expander