Using Bela

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of Bela

This section covers topics about using Bela - embedding it, powering it, coding it, and more, like in-depth articles on technical aspects of Bela.

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In this section:

  1. About Bela

    1. What is Bela?
    2. Bela hardware
    3. Bela software
    4. Bela and BeagleBoard
    5. Troubleshooting guide
    6. Publications
  2. Languages

    1. Bela language support
    2. C++
    3. Pure Data
    4. Supercollider
    5. Csound
    6. Faust (experimental)
    7. Pyo (experimental)
  3. Bela techniques

    1. Network setup
    2. Updating Bela
    3. Managing your SD card
    4. Running projects on boot
    5. Connecting to wifi
    6. Accessing a USB drive
  4. Technical explainers

    1. Using the terminal
    2. Scripts
    3. Command line arguments
    4. About mode switches
    5. Device tree overlays
    6. Other uses of GPIO pins
    7. IP addresses
    8. System date
    9. Performance monitoring