Shutting down Bela

How to power down your Bela board safely

In order to take the best care of your Bela board we recommend that you shutdown gracefully when you have finished working with it. Unless you are writing to disk, it is very unlikely that unplugging the BBB will cause any troubles. Still, it is not recommended.

Table of contents

  1. The shutdown button
  2. Shutdown via the IDE
  3. Shutdown using scripts
  4. Shutdown via the terminal

The shutdown button

The button on the Bela cape should safely turn off the board if you hold press it for a couple of seconds. This is the recommended method when operating the board in stand-alone mode.

The button on the cape is tied to P9 pin 27. So, for example, if you wanted to embed Bela in a device with an external power-off button you can connect a pushbutton between P9.27 and ground. Hold it for at least 2 seconds and it will initiate a graceful shutdown of the board. Careful with your wiring, though, because the neighbouring pins are sensitive digital signals to the audio codec which might not like being shorted to ground.

Shutdown via the IDE

If you are using the IDE, go to the settings tab and at the bottom you will see the shutdown board button.

Shutdown using scripts

If you are using the scripts, a dedicated script is available.

Shutdown via the terminal

If you are already ssh’d into the board, just type $ halt in the terminal to shutdown.