Digital I/O

Creating a noise generator and step sequencer

This lecture explains how to work with digital input and output on Bela. Like Lecture 6, this lecture involves building simple circuits on a breadboard to connect to Bela. In this case, the lecture focuses on gates and triggers in modular synthesis using the digital I/O pins with a pushbutton.

Table of contents

  1. What you’ll learn in this lecture
  2. What you’ll make in this lecture
  3. Code examples
  4. Recommended parts
  5. Additional references
    1. Working with electronic circuits
    2. Sensors for audio and music

Lecture 7: Digital I/O

What you’ll learn in this lecture

  • Digital inputs and outputs on Bela
  • Working with pushbuttons
  • Gates and triggers

What you’ll make in this lecture

  • A noise generator and a step sequencer

Code examples

digital-io: A complete example showing digital input and output with a white noise generator.

step-sequencert: An example to be completed during the lecture, using a button press as a trigger to advance a step sequencer changing the frequency of an oscillator.

Running the examples in this course assumes that you have a Bela Starter Kit or Bela Mini Starter Kit. Note that the analog outputs are only available on the original Bela board, and not on Bela Mini.

This lecture also uses several electronic components:

Additional references

Working with electronic circuits

Sensors for audio and music