Parameter control

Taking control of your synthesiser

This lecture explains explains linear and logarithmic scales and how to control your projects from Bela’s browser-based GUI.

Table of contents

  1. What you’ll learn in this lecture
  2. What you’ll make in this lecture
  3. Code examples
  4. Recommended parts

Lecture 4: Parameter control

What you’ll learn in this lecture

  • Using the Bela GUI to control projects from the browser
  • Mapping parameters
  • Decibel scales for amplitude
  • Converting MIDI note number to frequency

What you’ll make in this lecture

  • Multiple oscillators with detuning

Code examples

sine-slider: a complete example using the Bela slider GUI to control the frequency and amplitude of a sine oscillator. During the lecture, this example is converted to use a decibel scale for amplitude.

wavetable-slider: an example like sine-slider but with a sawtooth wavetable oscillator. During the lecture, several improvements are made to this example including two detuned oscillators and controlling pitch in semitones rather than Hertz.

Running the examples in this course assumes that you have a Bela Starter Kit or Bela Mini Starter Kit.

This lecture does not require any other electronic hardware. However, other lectures will make use of sensors and other components. See Lecture 0 for a list of recommended parts.