Preparing for standalone

Once You've Finished Patching

Once you’ve finished all your patching and you want to embed your Bela within a more permanent housing there are a few things to consider.

Table of contents

  1. Running projects on boot
    1. 1. Access the Bela IDE
    2. 2. Select a project to run on boot.
  2. Battery power
  3. Speakers on Bela

Running projects on boot

By default, when you power up a Bela system it boots up and waits for you to run a program (for example, by opening the IDE and clicking the Run button). But there are times when you may want a Bela system to start running a specific project when it boots up, such as when your board is embedded in a specific instrument or installation.

1. Access the Bela IDE

Connect your Bela system to your computer with a USB cable. When it’s booted up, access the IDE via http://bela.local in a browser.

2. Select a project to run on boot.

Open the Settings tab. At the very top there is a drop down menu labelled Run project on boot. Select your desired project from the dropdown menu.

Next time your board boots up it will automatically start running the project that you selected.

Battery power

You can power Bela with any 5V power bank. These are commonly used for charging phones and will come with a USB input.

Speakers on Bela