Bela Tutorials

Learn by doing

The Bela IDE comes pre-loaded with over a hundred example sketches in a range of languages covering all the fundamentals of working with Bela from sensors, to debugging, from synthesis to audio effects. This section contains a series of tutorials that will guide through the Bela’s functionality and challenge to expand the code to reinforce the things you’ve learned.

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In this section:

  1. Pure Data


      1. Course introduction
      2. Hello sound
      3. Editing a project
      4. Introduction to the hardware


      1. Digital output
      2. Digital input
      3. Analog input
      4. Analog output


      1. AM synthesis
      2. FM synthesis
      3. Drum synthesis
      4. Rubber duckie


      1. Delays
      2. Working with samples
      3. Recording samples
      4. Virtual string synthesis


      1. Capacitive sensing
      2. DIY pressure sensor
      3. Accelerometer


      1. Oscilloscope
      2. Creating a GUI visualisation
      3. Controlling Bela from a GUI
      4. MIDI send and receive
      5. Open sound control


      1. Preparing for standalone
      2. Custom render